by Mrs. K

Russian ambassador Andrey Gennadiyeviç Karlov was visiting Ankara today attending the Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, a major art exhibition hall in Çankaya, Ankara. While he was making the opening speech, he was shot by a man dressed in a black suit pretending to be a police officer.

The gunman, who had entered the gallery using a police ID badge, shot the ambassador and wounded him. He later shot a couple rounds in the air yelling “Allahu Akbar!”, “Syria”. He was shot and killed by the Turkish policemen.

This comes at a critical time in the Russian-Turkish relationship. Protestors in Turkey have accused Russia of taking part in and being responsible for the killings of thousands of people. Moscow and Ankara are now closely working together in evacuating refugees from Aleppo. The truth will emerge soon….