by Alperen Silay 10FL

On November 29th 2016, the Brazilian team Chapecoense suffered an accident on the plane when they were going to the final match in Sudamericana…

The plane crashed while landing at Medellin airport. Only three footballers survived the accident. Approximately 76 people were dead in the plane accident!!!

Why was it an accident?

The cause of the plane crash is said to be an electrical system failure. After the accident in Brazil, a three day mourning period was declared.

Chapecoense’s opponent wanted to reissue the trophy!!!

South America’s second largest tournament in Copa Sudamericana was planned for end of November but after the accident, the match was postponed. The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) announced it was suspending all events on the continent.

Chapecoence came from a small town who has had great success in the last two years. Chapecoence was to have a final match with Atletico Nacional but after the accident, Atletico Nacional offered the trophy to Chapecoence. They showed their exemplary sportsmanship.

According to recordkeepers;

Airport officials said the plane had enough fuel to the complete the route but still wanted additional fuel as a precautionary measure. The pilot however said that the fuel was sufficient.