Fenerbahçe  beat Beşiktaş and reached the quarter final in the Ziraat Turkey Cup. Beşiktaş was effective in the first half of the match in the 41st minute.

Tosic saw a red card for throwing a head to Van Persie in  minute 41.

Fenerbahçe played relaxed in the second half because Beşiktaş played with one person missing. Fenerbahçe got the goal in minute 72 with Robin Van Persie. The game finished with 1-0 Fenerbahçe in the remaining minutes and the score remained to the quarterfinals.

Tosic saved Fenerbahçe

Beşiktaş was the dominant team until Tosic saw the red card in the 41st minute. Tosic was mad at Van Persie and head butted him. After seing the red card, he tried to attack Van Persie.

Both teams experienced tense moments throughout the match and in the end, it was Fenerbahçe who won.

– Alperen Sly 10FenB