Is it possible to take photos of black holes?

This will come as a joke to you but in real life, we can not take photos of black holes.

Whenever we do research on the internet related to black holes we can reach a lot of black hole pictures and you will ask how it is possible to take a picture of black holes. The answer is: These photos are not real, they are only hypothesis and scientists are making these photos with illustration programs.

Our investigations are increasing about this subject. We are preparing to take photos of black holes. Our goal is to take photos of the Sagittarius black hole. This black hole is in the middle of our Milk Way galaxy.

There is one more beautiful event too. If we can take photos of dust and gas clouds which is turning around Sagittarius, we can verify a part of Einstein’s theory of relativity. If the Sagittarius does not have dust and gas clouds rotating around the Sagittarius, we must check the Einstein’s theory of relativity.

sagittariusTheoretical Sagittarius

How will we take photos of Sagittarius you ask.

At first, it looks impossible because this black hole is 26 thousand light years away from our planet. And there is one more reason too. This black hole has huge dust and gas clouds and this situation is preventing our observation view.

We have a plan to shoot the Sagittarius photographs: “Event Horizon Telescope”. If you ask how this telescope will work, the answer is this: this telescope is occurring by making a connection with all the telescopes from South Pole to Hawaii. If the connections are made properly, we can certainly get high angular resolution. We are hoping this plan will be active in 2018.

-Abdulkadir Cetinkaya 10FenA